About Me

I have always been a huge reader, and have always wanted to write a novel.  About ten years ago, I found the characters Archer and RC, and have, over the course of those ten years tried to find a story in which to use them.  I have, for most of my life, particularly the last 20 years, had a great distaste for the workings and actions of the federal government (note lower case), but the housing crash of 2008 got me reading a lot more about politics and economics, and as these ideas began to sift through my brain, I came up with a story for the characters I’d carried in my head for so long.

I have three books mapped out, but believe there is room for a number of others.  The book(s) will be a reflection of the political and economic  ideas that I touched upon in the preceding paragraph, though I have tried to avoid, and with some success I think, writing a political diatribe.   First and foremost, they are about entertainment.  I hope that you can find some pleasure in them.

The first draft of A Dangerous Servant  is now completed, and is being rewritten.  An excerpt of that book is available for your perusal by following the Navigation button toward the top of the page.  If you take the time to read it, I’d appreciate any comments you might have.  My current plan is to self-publish in eBook and softcover formats in January 2012.

Thanks for dropping by.