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December 16, 2012

As a wannabe author, I take great pleasure in reading indie authors whom I enjoy that have managed to find some small or,  in some cases, significant success.

Certainly, one of my favorite successful indie authors is Michael R. Hicks. His Empire series, is  brilliant sci-fi  in which the main character, Reza Gard, must prove to an ancient alien race that he has a ‘soul’. The fate of the human race lies in the balance. How’s that for high stakes? Mr. Hicks capacity for world building are not exceeded by any mainstream author. You can read for free the first book in his series here.  Be prepared to stay up late to finish it.

Recently, I ran across Jack Stamp,  a writer that has not found Mr. Hicks success, but is deserving of attention. Jack Stamp published his first novel in mid 2012, and is struggling to find sales. His Chelsea Project, is a brilliant first effort in the mystery thriller category, where plot twists will keep you guessing to the very end. His attention to detail in his first book has created a work worthy of the mainstream press – what all indie authors should strive for.

Jack, like me, is a man who has made one career, and seeks to make another. I really like his stuff. I think you will too. Give him a look

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